Introducing 4D Data
Thanks to smart everything, consumers don't go online, they live online. In this connected consumer journey, streams of data are generated with every place you go, every device you interact with and every service you use. Every data stream is a dimension of user behavior. We bring these dimensions together to predict user intent and engage in real-time. 


Easy on developers, powerful for marketing analysts, and designed to give the C-level new perspectives on your users and overall trends on real world user behavior.


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Security begins by truly knowing your user. Login and passwords can be compromised but every smartphone user generates a unique spectrum of behaviors that cannot be copied. We use this spectral signature from motion, usage, service, location, devices, networks and other sensory data to build Behavioral FingerprintTM. This can enhance your user security and reduce fraud and its associated costs.


We strongly believe that users should be in full control of their data at all times. We make it super convenient for users to control the type of data they share and understand the value they get in return. We use the highest standard encryption to protect user data.


Fight fraud with User Behavioral Fingerprint
We are User Privacy Centric
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Our beacon-free Micro-Geofencing technology provides powerful new insights into user motion patterns relative to physical locations. Use this information to calculate drive-by, walk-by, and walk-in and trigger in-store notifications.


Your users are embracing Alexa, Siri, Allo, Cortana and many more bots that anticipate their needs and bypass your apps. Your in-app analytics don't capture this shift to move from user-driven interactions to proactive interactions.

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Built-in IFTTT engine to take actions in realtime. Set Rules on Locations, Apps, Personas, Best times, Motion, Connected Devices, Interests and other user behaviors


Real-time insights into user interests, patterns and behaviors. Answers to your business questions you never thought to ask.


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The only data you need to power Proactive Personalization
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